Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never really seen any photos of myself that I like. Are you sure you can make me look good?

Yes, we are experts at showing you how to look good in front of the camera. We guarantee you’ll receive a set of images that you will love. Most ladies who come to the studio are really nervous before the shoot, but just see what they have to say in our customer comments.

Who will be at the shoot?

The lovely Mimi ladies who will make you feel truly spoilt. Your lady in waiting - Gemma who will ensure you receive delicious refreshments during your time with Mimi. Your make-up artist – either Elaine, Jo, Claire or Sylvie who will create a look especially for you. Your photographer - Ursula who will capture you at your best using secret tricks of the trade!

Can I bring a friend?

Remember that at Mimi it’s all about you. So we suggest it’s best for you to come on your own. That way you can really experience and enjoy the Mimi magic just for yourself. In the past we have found that clients often feel uncomfortable or distracted if they have a friend watching and waiting.If you really feel that you need a companion with you, we will try to accommodate.

How long will I be on the shoot for?

This depends on the package you have chosen. But you should allow a minimum of 3 hours for all packages.

How to I get see the photographs you have taken?

After your shoot we edit your images and choose the ones which we know you’ll love. Then we give them the Mimi Star treatment. To further enhance your best features! About 4 weeks later, we will create your own private online gallery. This is password protected so only you and whoever else you choose to share them with can see them. Then you just need to tell us which images you would like.

Can I choose extra images to add to my package?

Yes, ladies are usually thrilled with the results, so often want to choose other photographs. We can discuss options with you after you have viewed your images in your private online gallery.

Should I delay my experience until I’ve lost some weight?

Here at Mimi, we’d encourage you to seize the day! We work with women of all shapes and sizes and know all the tricks of the trade to show you in the most flattering light. We give all Mimi photographs the “Star treatment" which includes airbrushing by our in house female retouching team. So it’s not a problem if you’d rather lose a few wrinkles or wobbly bits!

What actually happens on the day?

Your Mimi experience begins with coffee and biscotti on the sofa while we talk through our ideas for the shoot. You’ll then be bundled up in your fluffy robe and pampered with stunning make up and film-star hair* by our all-female team. A few sips of wine or champagne* later and you’ll be relaxing into the role and feeling a million dollars…

*Hair restyling & Champagne not included in all packages.

How will I know what to do?

Ursula has photographed hundreds of women. She knows exactly how to make you feel relaxed and will guide you through every step of the photo shoot. She will pose you in a way that flatters you most.

How do I see my photos?

After your photoshoot, we will edit your images, choose the ones we know you’ll love and give them the Mimi ‘star treatment’. Around 6 weeks later, we will create your private online gallery where you can have a look at just how gorgeous you are! The gallery will be password protected so you can control who else sees your photos. Then you just need to choose your favourite images and decide how you would like them to be presented.

What should I bring?

Often ladies like to treat themselves to something new especially for their Mimi experience - so why not go shopping and indulge in a few extra special pieces to get you in the mood! We suggest it’s best to bring too much rather than too little. We have put together a suggested list of items to bring - if in doubt bring it anyway!

  • Your favourite blue jeans
  • Mans white shirt
  • Camisole top / strappy top
  • Underwear sets
  • Corset
  • Basque
  • Stockings
  • Suspenders
  • Hold-ups
  • Over the knee socks
  • French Knickers
  • Boxer style briefs
  • High heels and or Long boots
  • Hats - top hat, cowboy hat or whatever is your style.
  • Jewellery – hooped earrings, necklaces.
  • Robe & Slippers (for in between shots)

If we haven’t answered it question here, please feel free to call us at the studio on
0845 057 98 45.

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